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LPA Celebrates 100 Years

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Caframo congratulates the Laboratory Products Association (LPA) on achieving its centennial anniversary this year. Beginning in 1918 as the Association of Scientific Apparatus Makers of the United States, the organization has developed into the LPA of today, incorporating the scientific and technological advances that have occurred since its founding. Member companies of the LPA include manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers of lab glassware, chemicals, and lab equipment. The LPA offers education, information and networking opportunities, as directed by its mission to support its members in the laboratory products industry.

LPA 100 yrs CakeProud to be a member of LPA since 2015, Caframo has shared LPA benefits with our customers and end users by adding value to our products and relationships. Networking and partnerships with other members promote improvements in Caframo products and services, and drive solutions for gaps discovered in the market. Learning opportunities for regulatory changes and developments in lab equipment ensures Caframo products have the safety and operational features required to meet the needs of manufacturing, lab, pilot, and testing facilities. Industry information ensures Caframo products are available where users are looking to purchase, and products are ready for emerging needs in today’s complex lab environments.

As Caframo’s business continues to grow, membership in the LPA has supported our progress. We look forward to continuing our participation in the LPA to sustain that growth and wish the LPA success in the next 100 years.

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