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  • Stainless steel rough surface

    Stainless Steel Roughness and Ra

    Published in Mixing

    Users of stainless steel impellers and vessels may be familiar with surface roughness (or surface finish).  This summary highlights key points to understanding surface roughness and how it may be important to your application. What…

  • Woman with questions

    6 Criteria to Select an Overhead Stirrer

    Published in Mixing

    An online search produces an overwhelming array of options.  Below are 6 key criteria to consider when seeking the best overhead stirrer that fits your needs. Stirring Speed Given in revolutions per minute (rpm), this…

  • Feature Image_ Stainless steel

    Left-hand versus Right-hand Impellers

    Published in Mixing

    What is an easy way to identify the difference between a left-hand and right-hand impeller?  The table below gives a quick summary: Method Left-hand Impeller Right-hand Impeller View blades from the side Blade tip is…


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  • BDC2010

    Reversing Digital

    Model BDC2010

    • 40-2010 rpm
    • 90 Ncm (127 in-oz)
    • 25 L (6.5 US Gallons)


    Ultimate versatility with programmable clockwise and counterclockwise stirring. Digital control optimizes polymerization, crystallization, and QC/QA testing. Countdown timer, cycle timer, adjustable chuck up to 10 mm (⅜ in), quiet and maintenance free.

  • BDC250


    Model BDC250

    • 50-2500 rpm
    • 10 Ncm (14 in-oz)
    • 2 L (0.5 US Gallon)


    Maximize efficiencies when conducting water-viscosity formulations, QC/QA analysis, and small scale leaching tests. Conveniently portable, includes clamp, stand, collet and two mixing blades.

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