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  • BDC2010 Reversing Overhead Stirrer

    Bi-Directional Mixing

    Published in Emulsifying

    Bi-Directional Mixers While Caframo offers a range of overhead stirrers in terms of speed, torque and viscosity capabilities, only Caframo’s BDC2010 Reversing Digital and Caframo’s 1540 Crossover offer bi-directional mixing in both clockwise and counter-clockwise…

  • Overhead Stirrer Mixing Ink

    Homogenizer or Overhead Stirrer?

    Published in Emulsifying

    Selecting the proper equipment for your high speed, high shear mixing application. Typical applications requiring high speed and high shear mixing include dispersion, emulsification, and homogenization.  Determining the appropriate equipment can be confusing ‑ even…


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  • Ultra Torque 1850

    Ultra Torque

    Model BDC1850

    • 12-1800 rpm
    • 568 Ncm (800 in-oz)
    • 80 L (21 US Gallons)


    Popular high torque model for creams, polymers, inks and mining pilot plants. Digital display of speed and torque, adjustable chuck up to 10 mm (⅜ in), quiet and maintenance free.

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