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  • Water Vortex

    Magnetic Stirrer or Overhead Stirrer?

    Published in Dissolving

    Magnetic stirrers cover a wide array of mixing tasks, but not all.  This article highlights when to consider an overhead stirrer for your application. Mixing is a widespread activity occurring in research and testing labs…

  • Woman with questions

    6 Criteria to Select an Overhead Stirrer

    Published in Dissolving

    An online search produces an overwhelming array of options.  Below are 6 key criteria to consider when seeking the best overhead stirrer that fits your needs. Stirring Speed Given in revolutions per minute (rpm), this…

  • SGS REE Pilot Plant

    Solvent Extraction

    Published in Dissolving

    Solvent extraction (SX) is a liquid-in-a-liquid separation process where a certain product will concentrate more in one liquid, while another product (or the waste materials) remain in the other liquid.  In its most typical form…


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  • Petite 250 Package


    Model BDC250

    • 50-2500 rpm
    • 10 Ncm (14 in-oz)
    • 2 L (0.5 US Gallon)


    Maximize efficiencies when conducting water-viscosity formulations, QC/QA analysis, and small scale leaching tests. Conveniently portable, includes clamp, stand, collet and two mixing blades.

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