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CLS updates website for faster results

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Caframo has refined the website to quickly find the Caframo products for your application.  Highlighted below is how to get to the products you are looking for in less clicks.

  • Unsure where to start? Compare all at a glance

To compare all Caframo stirrers and mixers in a single table, the Selection Guide is one click away on the CLS Home page.  Displaying key speed, volume, and torque specs, the Selection Guide gives immediate guidance to the model suited for the desired application.  The Guide includes links for more detailed spec information found on the Product pages.  Other places to access the Selection Guide include the “Compare Stirrers” button on the Products listing page, and in the Products drop down menu in the website header.

Selection Guide


  • Simplify comparison by torque and volume

Overhead stirrers have been divided by maximum volume and torque specs to quickly guide selection to the appropriate stirrer model.  It is no surprise the models 1850, 3030, and 6015 are grouped in the High Torque category, based on their widespread reputation for the highest torque capabilities in a bench top stirrer.  A play on words led to the “Light” Torque category, featuring the Stirlight™ available on the 2010 and 2002 models.  The 2010, 2002 and 250 models in the Light Torque category provide impressive mixing torque for their relative size.  Either category can be immediately selected from the Product Category list on the Products Listing page.

Product Categories List


  • Bypass to the big mixing

For applications with high viscosity or volumes up to 200 L, the Crossover 1540 mixer and its accessories are grouped in the Industrial Mixers category.  This keeps the search focused on products designed for large volume or high viscosity laboratory batches, pilot mixing, and small scale production volumes, preventing scrolling through products not compatible with the 1540 and its applications.

Industrial Mixer Category


  • Live customer service a click away

On any page, click Contact Us for our webform or call 1-800-567-3556 x 248.  You will be connected to our technical Lab Sales team for rapid and knowledgeable customer service, able to offer any additional information or assistance.

“I appreciate all the information you sent me and putting me in contact with the correct person. You made it effortless for me to order this.”  Research Technician, specialty chemicals manufacturer

1540 Crossover Mixer


BDC3030, Universal