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Caframo’s New PBT has Enthusiastic Welcome

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In response to customers’ requests, Caframo Lab Solutions has released the A561 – a 100 mm (4 in) pitched blade turbine (PBT). The interest and response at recent shows has confirmed the A561 is a valued addition to Caframo’s already wide array of impeller styles and sizes.

A561 Dimensional Drawing

Combining shear and flow
The 45° blade angle of the A561 creates a combination of axial and radial flows, providing moderate shear not available with a propeller blade. A particularly versatile impeller, the A561 is especially suitable for applications involving liquid blending, heat transfer, and solids suspension.

Able to create a vortex in low viscosity solutions makes it also effective for dissolving powders and aeration. The blade angle allows for effective up or down pumping, depending on the direction of impeller rotation. The bore size is compatible with all Caframo shafts, adding the option of multiple blade placement and position to achieve the desired mixing action.

Scale-up ready
At 100 mm (4 in) in diameter, Caframo’s largest axial flow impeller for lab scale is compatible for use with the Ultra Torque 1850 and Crossover 1540. Replicating a widely used impeller style at production scale, the A561 is an effective impeller for scale-up processes. Contact us today and see how the A561 will conquer your stirring challenges.

1540 Crossover Mixer




Ultra Torque 1850