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Just released this year, the Caframo Crossover 1540 is the most sophisticated mixer of its size on the market. With the ability to display both speed and torque, and features such as a timer and datalogging, this mixer takes the guesswork out of developing repeatable, optimized processes.  Resources available on our website help evaluate its features and support current users of the Crossover.

A basic summary of the Crossover’s specifications is available for download on our 1540 Datasheet.  The Selection Guide simplifies a quick review to contrast the Crossover’s capabilities to Caframo’s entire line of stirrers.  For more in-depth analysis, a detailed table of specs is available on the 1540 product page.

Looking to purchase a 1540?  Find your preferred distributor right away on the 1540-exclusive distributor listing, which takes you immediately to your preferred distributor’s product page and available accessories.

To support Caframo Crossover users, additional resources include an extensive list of FAQ’s and the Crossover 1540 operator’s manual.  Upon registration of the Crossover 1540 mixer at the product registration page, an email is issued with a link and password to access the most recent Crossover software updates.  The email address registered will be sent notifications when subsequent new updates are available for download and installation.

A place to provide feedback for the Caframo Crossover is also available at our 1540 survey page.  Your contribution can direct us to create additional resources, stock specialty accessories, or add product features to enable the Crossover 1540 to perform even better for your application.

If there is information not available from any of these resources listed above, we are always happy to respond to inquiries sent through our Contact Us page.  Discover today how the Caframo Crossover can work for you.

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