Product Info at a Glance

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In response to customer inquiries, Caframo Lab Solutions has developed dimensional drawings to provide detailed measurements in a user-friendly format.  Now included on CLS product pages, this helpful resource quickly guides product selection based on spatial requirements.

Visual format simplifies spec measurements

The standardized visual format, including both metric and imperial units, enables easy comparisons between Caframo products.  Numerous details are concisely displayed within one image, accelerating review of the product specs.  Presenting the information graphically makes text explanations and descriptions unnecessary, avoiding language barriers and related confusion that may arise from a list of measurements.

End user customers have found this information to be helpful in numerous ways:

  • Visualizing a stirring system’s footprint within limited bench space
  • Determining if a hot plate fits within a stand’s base
  • Checking if collapsible impeller blades can pass through a narrow neck of a specific flask
  • Identifying which stirrers fit within the restricted space of a fume hood with other equipment
  • Verifying that a stirrer will integrate into a chemical synthesis apparatus
  • Confirming the stirrer can be properly mounted and extended to the desired position over the mixing vessel

Additional information is available within the product page, and you are welcome to contact us for assistance.