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Newly released this fall, the Caframo Lab Solutions Stirrer Catalogue has become a popular tool to quickly guide users to the overhead stirrer and accessories most appropriate for their mixing needs.  The Catalogue encompasses all CLS laboratory stirring products, providing key information in a clean, easy to read format to readily identify the most suitable options.

Stirrers are organized by their application capabilities
The specs provide a simple comparison of a Caframo stirrer’s capabilities to a desired stirring application.   Layout of the data effectively highlights the model most suitable to address the application requirements.

Catalogue Steps 1 to 4It’s as easy as 1,2,3 … and 4
Selecting the stirrer is just the first step.  For a complete mixing system, a stand, a clamp and an impeller are also needed.  The CLS Stirrer Catalogue easily navigates the reader through the components of a mixing system in four steps, providing guidance for the options that complement the chosen stirrer model.

See all lab impellers Caframo has to offer
Caframo Lab Solutions boasts one of the largest selections of impellers available on the market.  The Catalogue organizes these options in a visually intuitive way, to immediately identify the impeller being sought.  Key specs are included to ensure the correct selection is made.

Axial FlowTechnical information resource
Included in the Catalogue is useful information about types of flow – axial, radial and tangential.  Added in this section is examples of applications that are best suited for the identified flow type.  This can be helpful in identifying an impeller that will deliver your stirring objectives.

References for additional information
The Catalogue refers to the website for additional details on specifications.  Included is the CLS telephone number to speak to any member of the Caframo Lab Solutions team for additional assistance and technical support, which is also available through the Contact Us form on the website.

The Stirrer Catalogue is a free accessible tool to guide selection of the Caframo stirring products best suited to meet your application requirements.  Download the catalogue to view the entire Caframo Laboratory stirrer product line on demand with a click or tap:

Download CLS Stirrer Catalogue

BDC1850, Ultra Torque