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Caframo is a Great Workplace

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Caframo Lab Solutions, as part of Caframo Limited, is proud to announce receiving official certification as a Great Workplace by Great Place to Work (GPTW) Canada.  As part of the process, Caframo was evaluated by a globally recognized assessment tool that involved an analysis of employee feedback and an assessment of workplace practices and programs.  This certification is awarded to organizations which meet GPTW’s high standards that define a great workplace.

There are five focus areas of this accreditation:

Credibility:  Management is competent at running the business.
Respect:  I am respected as an individual.
Fairness:  No matter what, people here are treated fairly.
Pride:  I have pride in what I do.
Camaraderie:  I enjoy the people that I work with.

When a company has success in these five areas, a business is profitable and sustainable long term.

Being a Great Workplace is beneficial for Caframo, its employees and also its customers. 

Engaged employees care about Caframo products and take pride in the work they do. A great workplace attracts talented innovators and retains people that become experts.  Our goal is to have people knocking at our doors to want to come work for us.  Employees working in a Great Workplace make quality products, respond to your requests quickly, are able to answer your questions immediately and propose solutions to your stirring challenges. Caframo programs include activities that focus on community engagement which support local groups and initiatives, providing our employees a way to give back and help the greater good in our surrounding area.  We appreciate GPTW Canada recognizing the contributions that make Caframo a Great Workplace.

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