Caframo Anniversary Mural

First Phase of Anniversary Mural Complete

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Mural BlockingAs part of commemorating Caframo’s 60 year anniversary, a mural has been commissioned to depict the history of the company, the local surrounding community where Caframo is based and the flagship products we produce.  Discussions and the partnership began with the art teacher and students of the local high school, Peninsula Shores District School.  Collaboration between artist and mentor Billy Goodkat, teacher Kelly McDougall, the students, and Caframo resulted in the approved design and layout of the first mural section shown here.  Students from grades 7-10 are involved, with much of the responsibility carried by the senior arts students in Grades 11 and 12.  Two more mural sections each will be completed in the next two years.


Mural Bird

Many students are familiar with Caframo and its products.  With parents and family members employed at our workplace, they have been very engaged and excited to learn more about the business.  Timing was ideal as students had worked with Billy on two projects prior to this year, and funding opportunities had ended.  Caframo was able to provide the funds to retain this professional artist and extend this enriching partnership.  Because of this project, local students were able to continue to learn from a professional graffiti artist and use professional paints and supplies – something not available through the school board.  Caframo Lab Solutions Director, Business Development Marta LaForest explains, “By supporting and involving the students of our local school, we provided an opportunity not often possible for students living in a rural or small town setting.  Caframo’s commitment to community extends beyond providing a workplace to include enhancing living experiences for our employees, families, and residents in the Grey Bruce.”  Caframo also benefits from the artwork produced – something that will beautify our workplace outside and enhance our sense of pride.


Streetscape BlockingThe design includes a view of what downtown Wiarton looked like at the time of Caframo’s company beginning in 1955.  Another element is the representation of a satellite image of the site where Caframo has been located for its 60 years in business, along Colpoy’s Bay of the Bruce Peninsula.  Caframo Lab Solutions products are represented with a gear used within the High Torque overhead stirrer models 1850, 3030 and 6015.  These longstanding stirrers have been the foundation of the lab division that solidifies Caframo’s reputation for high quality, durable laboratory equipment.  A depiction of a high efficiency motor, a part of Caframo’s expertise and heritage, is also featured.


Students completed painting the first sections this spring, which will be revealed at Caframo’s company picnic in August.  The sections will be mounted on our building’s exterior in September for staff and visiting public to enjoy year round.



BDC1850, Ultra Torque



BDC3030, Universal



BDC6015, Ultra Speed