Cali SCC Supplier's Day

Caframo at 2015 California SCC Suppliers’ Day

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Caframo was excited to be a part of California SCC Supplier’s Day, located in Long Beach.  It was the first time Caframo attended this meeting on the west coast exhibiting our overhead stirrers and accessories.  Caframo overhead stirrers are well-known in the cosmetics industry for their durability and reliability.   Those who attended the booth included both long time (over 25 years) users of Caframo products and those discovering Caframo for the first time.  It was a great opportunity for scientists to meet the faces of Caframo, see our popular high torque models BDC1850 and BDC3030 for lotions and creams, and review our wide variety of impeller styles and sizes.  The preview of our newest product caused great excitement at this year’s California SCC – the Caframo Crossover.   The Supplier’s Day was a great event and was enhanced by meeting the open, welcoming people of California.


BDC1850, Ultra Torque




BDC3030, Universal